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LaTest B3nT0 GaDgeT

My Lat3st GadGet – As UpDated @ 25 AugUst 2008

I dunno Y I Can Addicted To BenTo-Ing,

Nowadays Can Even Shopping Bento EquipMent 2 SingaPore.

HaHa, Cant Imaging If i Going to TraveLing 2  My DreamLand { YokoSO Japan)…..

I May Jz Back With Baggy Of Cooking Equipment!!! AiyoYo!! HahaHa

SO… From Now On, MONEY SAVING PLAN…. As With My Best Friend ( Wai San) , Goal For 2 Year Time Lat3r ! We Must In Japan HokkaiDo!! Haha!!!


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New Members In Tulips’5 GaRD3N

rABbiT & BeAr R’ Jo1n In TuLiPS’ GaRD3N

Hmm.. ThIs KitT3n Os0 1 2 Be in De TuLiPs” GaRdEn F@M1LY..

tH1s Po0H w@v3S H1s HaNd 2 aV Body!

All My 1st Babies!

HappY FamiLy In TuL1p5' GarD3n!

M0r3 2 CoMe In De TuliPs Carden!!

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